A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made as part of the Summer 2019 Unreal Engine Game Jam :


Gameplay Instructions

WASD + mouse : moving around

Mouse left click : drinking water

Mouse right click : throwing water

E : pick-up something

F : send distress flare rocket

You are in the desert and have to find a way to get out

The water you can carry is limited so you better make it count.

The heat makes you have hallucinations that, if they touch you, make you even more thirsty. They disappear if you throw water at them.

Use your water wisely between hydrating yourself and eliminating hallucinations. When you become too thirsty, your vision is altered, you slow down and you have even more hallucinations.

Walk into a pond to refill your bottle.

Find pieces of a distress rocket flare to reassemble it and make yourself noticed and rescued!

Non-original content used for the game :

First Person template from Epic Games.

Textures and explosion sound from UE4's "Starter Content".

Dune texture from Brushify - Environment Shaders Pack by JoeGarth.

Water explosion from FX Variety Pack by Kakky.

Sound effects from Sound Pack for RPG Games by Mechanics Mechanics.

Flare explosion from Luos's Particle Toolkit Vol. 1 by Luos.

The instruments sound samples used for some of the sound effects and the music are all from the "Kontakt Player". The music and sound effects using the flute are nonetheless original.

Here are the links for all the resources mentioned above (except the ones included with Unreal Engine) :



(The instruments used for the music are the only thing that is outside the Unreal Marketplace : https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/samplers/kontakt-6-player/free-download/ )

Install instructions

Unzip and simply run EveryDropCounts.exe !


EveryDropCounts_Windows(x64)_v1.0.0.zip 119 MB


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